February 12, 2018


Tell me not of shatter proof glass ceilings
For shatter them I will
And when i do, i want you to hurt

Hurt ..like birthing a still born promotion with a live baby
Hurt...like leaving behind a sick child to be at my desk
Hurt...like a death mourned, only just to meet your ****ing specs

Cramping like "that time of the month" all year through
"Leaving already?" to " why do you not 'leave' already?
From "are you getting enough sleep around here?" to "are you sleeping around enough here?"
Feeling like a "man" handler and "pan handler" all at once

Making a deck 12 slides longer to prove that "I" get it
Be at a party and not just to serve the drinks
Bimbette, beauty, bulimic, Badass, buxom boring, Behenji, buddi......"b..een there done that

Wishing part of me did not exist
2 inches below my neckline and 2 above my hemline...no matter where they are
Me feeling "up" despite your gaze {or worse) feeling me up
Proving i am more than the sum of my parts....body parts
Yet you hating my guts that you spilled out

Tell me not of shatter proof glass ceilings
And if you must...bring it on
Bring on your C (or lower) grade tactics
While i bring my A level game

Miss, Mrs, Mom, "Madam" ....and more
Without "manning up" - assertive not aggressor

Tell me not of shatter proof glass ceilings
Because shatter them i will
Because I am enough
       WO(ah)man enough

Author: Vidya Krishna
Category: All in a day’s job: breaking through the glass ceiling